Student Snapshot – Cooper Shapiro

Cooper Shapiro
BFA Class of 2022

Introduce yourself briefly and tell me a little bit about your background. Are you an MFA or BFA?
I’m from Dallas, Texas and currently in the BFA program.

Who is your favorite Filmmaker and What is your favorite movie?
(Currently) my favorite filmmaker is Adam McKay. My favorite movie is Wet Hot American Summer.

What are you currently working on?
Right now, I am writing my next film that will go into production early next year. This will be my sixth short film and second with the College of Motion Picture Arts. Additionally, I am finishing a research project, funded by Florida State University’s IDEA Project Grant, titled “Sustainable Production Practices on Small Budget Films.” I will be presenting the final product at this year’s President’s Showcase.

What does your typical day look like?
When I’m not on set, I spend half an hour so at the gym followed by a run. I always try to accomplish one task before noon – ideally film related. Spending time with my friends (though harder in 2020) is a preferred afternoon activity. I like to fit in a movie or an episode of TV if I don’t get too busy with school work or errands.

What has been the best part of film school so far?
The best part of film school, hands down, is the friends I’ve made. I’m so thankful for the students in my class, my mentors in the classes above, and I’m excited to meet those in the classes below.

Which faculty member has made the greatest impression on you and how?
Greg Marcks made the greatest impression on me. Though our introduction through Zoom was lackluster, his explanation of the director’s process is something that will definitely stick with me.

What do you think someone applying to the program should know about the FSU Film School?
The FSU Film School operates like an incubator: little interaction with the outside world but tons of growth within its walls. The Film School’s focus on craft and what it means to be a filmmaker makes up for the distance from New York and LA.

Favorite Film School Moment?
My favorite film school moment was the picture wrap on Brady Holcomb and Brandan Knack’s thesis film in 2018. That was my first FSU Film set and I met a lot of my now friends and mentors on that show.

It’s late, you’re at the Film School working on something you need to finish before tomorrow: where are you and who are you with?
More often than not, I’m in the director’s prep room with any combination of students in my cohort including (but not limited to): Andrew Bourne, Connie O’Connor, Matthew Romanski, Jaelyn Ellis, and whoever else is awake.