About Us

A Legacy of Film Education in Florida

In 1989, the Florida State Legislature founded a flagship program in Tallahassee designed to prepare young filmmakers for successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Decades later, the presence of the Florida State University Film School can be seen throughout the industry, producing award-winning alumni and acknowledged as “one of the world’s best” by The Hollywood Reporter.

An Unparalleled Experience

The Film School offers a professional, career-oriented experience that creates a sense of community, not competition. As you work alongside peers and professors, you’ll gain valuable industry-standard skills and a story-first education to prepare for a future in film.

Students have access to a range of professional-grade equipment and facilities, including sound stages, mixing theaters, RED cameras, post production studios, and grip and camera trucks.

And the journey doesn’t end when you have your degree: Graduates have the opportunity to be assigned a mentor, who provides advice and support. This provides more than 96% of Film School graduates with meaningful work in the industry within 12 months of graduation.

Financial Assistance

Our goal is to create a level playing field so that each student’s creativity can flourish, regardless of financial background. FSU is the only motion picture college in the country that pays the production costs of every student’s motion picture. Along with this, the university offers scholarships, financial assistantships and tuition costs that are among the lowest in the country to give every student opportunity for success.