Creative Materials


Your resume is a document that highlights your education, creative endeavors, activities, travel, employment, and service work as they apply to your aspirations as a filmmaker (no longer than 3 pages).

Personal Statement

Your Personal Statement is a 500-1000 word essay describing who you are as an individual and why you want to be a filmmaker. This statement should concentrate on how your background has influenced your storytelling and filmmaking development, as well as your desire and commitment to enter the College of Motion Picture Arts. Use this statement as an opportunity to demonstrate your unique voice and personality in addition to your passion for filmmaking.

Writing Sample

The Writing Sample is a two-page, non-dialogue scene typed in 12-point Courier in standard screenplay format. Choose one of the following three prompts for the basis of your scene:

  • Someone sees a spider in their home and tries to kill it at any cost.
  • When burglars break into her home, a young girl tries to sneak out of the house without being seen.
  • A starving puppy tries to steal food from the kitchen of a five-star restaurant.

You may also include a title/cover page.

For additional screenwriting resources including formatting tips and example scripts, visit the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences website.

Creative Portfolio

The creative portfolio is work that demonstrates your ability and commitment to storytelling. Strong samples contain visual or written material that demonstrates creativity, imaginative expression of thought, and the potential for visual storytelling. The sample must be uploaded directly into the Check Status Page. Choose one or more of the following options:

  • Film, video, animation, documentary or experimental work. Submissions must not exceed 10 minutes in length and can consist of reels, short films and/or clips from feature films. You must be part of the original creation of the work. Please be clear about your specific contributions for each project.
  • Photographs, drawings, paintings, sculpture, graphic art, costume, or set design that illustrates your creative vision and style. Limited to 15 pieces total.
  • A sequence of 10-15 images that explores your visual storytelling. These images can be drawings or photographs in the form of a storyboard.
  • Creative writing sample composed of a narrative short story, poem, script, or play. Writing samples should be in standard 12pt. font, single-spaced, and not exceed 3 pages.

Three Letters of Recommendation

Enter the names and emails for three recommenders, and we will send an email request to your recommender. All recommendation letters must be submitted online. Your recommender can include a teacher, professor, counselor, mentor, employer, or someone you’ve worked with on a creative project. The recommender should be able to speak to your ability to succeed in our program and your passion for storytelling. We do ask that no close family members write a letter of recommendation for you.

All letters of recommendation must be received by the application deadline.