Student Snapshot – Melissa Calderon

Melissa Calderon
BFA Class of 2022


Introduce yourself briefly and tell me a little bit about your background. Are you an MFA or BFA?
My name is Melissa Calderon and I’m a BFA2. I was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, and in 2019 I came to the US to study at the film school. My family still lives in Colombia so I always go back whenever I can.

Who is your favorite Filmmaker and What is your favorite movie?
I don’t believe in favorites because I can never always say the same person, but I do have people that I admire and follow more than others. One of them is definitely Guillermo del Toro. As of right now, and for a long time, one of my favorite movies has been Her by Spike Jonze.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on getting the script for my F3 done. It’s a very personal story to me so I want to get everything – the dialogue, the cast, the location – just right.

What does your typical day look like?
On a typical school day, I wake up and, if I have food, make myself some breakfast. I usually pick up my phone to say hi to my parents and check my social media. I say hello to my cat and play with her for a little bit before I shower and get ready for classes. I go to class, and then come back home. If I have time and there’s still daylight, I’ll take my cat out for a walk (yes, she loves to take walks), and then figure out what I will eat. Sometimes I join my roommate in her at-home workout, or lately I’ve been opting to go to the gym. I then usually watch a tv series or a movie with my boyfriend before I go to sleep. On a weekend, it’s pretty much the same except I always want to try to go rollerblading around campus.

What has been the best part of film school so far?
I think the family that we have become as a class is one of the best things this film school has given us. I love how it’s not a competition between anyone, we rather help each other grow and learn from each other. I also am really grateful that the film school provides the equipment for us unlike other film schools and academies. It really does provide a level playing field for everyone, everyone is equal.

Which faculty member has made the greatest impression on you and how?
Mark Vargo has been a teacher that I could easily say I have learned the most from. Other than the fact that I am looking into becoming a cine specialist, I feel like he has so many tips and tricks that just stick inside your head, and really work. He is a great person and teacher as well.

What do you think someone applying to the program should know about the FSU Film School?
It is very fast paced here at the film school; which I get, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get so many things done in such little time. I would also tell that person what I mentioned earlier in one of my responses, that nothing here is a competition, and it has never felt like one, so that they can leave that mindset somewhere else and open their minds to how we run things here which is a big family where everyone helps each other out.

Favorite Film School Moment?
Up until now, my favorite moment has been working on thesis support as a 2nd AC. Getting that hands on experience for many days in a row teaches a lot to a person and makes you feel more prepared for everything to come. Also, getting to meet the class above and seeing how they work was an experience like no other I’ve had here at the film school.

It’s late, you’re at the Film School working on something you need to finish before tomorrow: where are you and who are you with?
I would probably be at the iMac lab with one (or a couple) of my classmates who happens to be there at the same time because they also need to finish something.