FSU Film school joins Green Film School Alliance


The College of Motion Picture Arts at Florida State University has become a member of the Green Film School Alliance. This organization is dedicated to incorporating sustainable production practices at the industry level into film school programs.

The alliance, composed of prestigious film schools nationwide, is committed to creating sustainable and ecological film production methods. It focuses on specific actions to reduce the environmental impact of physical production, sharing best practices and promoting sustainable initiatives at member schools.

“FSU Film is proud to align with institutions like the American Film Institute (AFI), New York University (NYU), Columbia and Sundance in our commitment to sustainable production practices,” said Greg Marcks, filmmaker in residence, directing in the college. “We are thrilled to better position our students to work newly created set jobs related to sustainability.”

BFA Class of 2025 students Finley Stein and Keith Cohen highlighted the need for convenient, environmentally responsible practices on film sets.

“People don’t throw away half-used plastic bottles on film sets because they think it’s okay for the environment,” Stein said. “They do it because there are a million things to think about when making a film, and environmental responsibility doesn’t often top that list.”

“The solution is not to scold people for taking the convenient option, but to create systems that make the responsible option convenient,” Cohen said.

Paige Roberts, head of admissions at the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts, expressed excitement about joining the Green Film School Alliance.

“We are thrilled to be able to share that we are now part of the Green Film School Alliance,” Roberts said. “This alliance is built around specific actions aimed at reducing the impacts of physical production on the environment, a willingness to share best practices and a pledge to further sustainable initiatives at their schools. Several faculty members and the BFA junior class are championing this.”