Student Snapshot – Pacey Hansen

Pacey Hansen
BFA Class of 2023

Introduce yourself briefly and tell me a little bit about your background. Are you an MFA or BFA?
I’m Pacey Hansen, and I’m a BFA student studying Film Production from Denver, CO. I grew up watching horror and sci-fi films at a very young age which quickly turned into an interest in all things scary and imaginative. I distinctly remember receiving a now discontinued Flip video camera as a gift from a relative, and that’s when my journey as a filmmaker began.

Who is your favorite Filmmaker and What is your favorite movie?
My favorite filmmaker is Alfred Hitchcock. I like his style of filmmaking and his explanation on “Suspense vs. Surprise.” His methods have been influential to me as a director and the films that I want to create. My favorite movie would, hands down, be “Psycho.” The quote “We all go a little mad sometimes” will forever send chills down my spine. I think there is something special about being able to get under someone’s skin through a strictly fictional narrative.

What are you currently working on?
I just finished post-production on my documentary titled “Sophie in Furbyland,” about a silicon artist named Sophie who went viral online for her unique sculptures Furby sculptures and surreal body horror work. I’m currently working on submitting the documentary to festivals and developing ideas for my next narrative film.

What does your typical day look like?
My typical day varies as a production student based on whether I am in pre-production, production, or post-production. However, my mornings most certainly always begin with a large iced coffee and my notebook. I tend to have my best ideas in the morning, so I love to wake up and get my thoughts on paper, no matter what they may be. Even if it’s just drawing a few doodles, I like to get my creativity flowing before starting my workday.

What has been the best part of film school so far?
The best part of film school so far has definitely been documentary production. Traveling around the country filming documentaries was an unforgettable journey and is quite frankly an experience no other film school currently offers. Having a team around you that cares so deeply about creating incredible documentaries is something you can’t put a price on, and the memories I made with my crew while filming are priceless. The entire process of making my documentary has taught me more as a Director, Cinematographer, and Sound Mixer than I could have ever fathomed.

Which faculty member has made the greatest impression on you and how?
Ron Honn has made a massive impression on me as a filmmaker since I joined the film school. Coming into the school, I knew that editing and VFX were not my strong suit, and I was nervous and apprehensive about diving into editing software such as After Effects and Nuke. Still, Ron Honn has made it stress-free and enjoyable to learn the software from the ground up. He is always available for Zoom calls to toss ideas around and talk about VFX sequences you’d like to try and pull off on one of your upcoming films. Many of the sequences in my most recent film would not have been possible without Ron’s fantastic teaching skills in the two classes I have taken with him thus far.

What do you think someone applying to the program should know about the FSU Film School?
If anything you’ve read about FSU film sounds appealing to you, I would recommend giving it a shot and sending in an application. The faculty is incredible, and they genuinely take the time to get to know you personally and as a filmmaker. The knowledge I have gained in the past year as a filmmaker is more than I could have ever thought possible.

Favorite Film School Moment?
My favorite film school moment was the documentary screening. Because the classes are so small, you get to know your peers personally and hear their film ideas very early on in pre-production. Seeing my classmate’s hard work pay off when the finished work played on the big screen is a feeling you can’t even begin to describe.

It’s late, you’re at the Film School working on something you need to finish before tomorrow: where are you and who are you with?
I’m definitely starting by getting a coffee and sitting down in one of the labs in front of an iMac or a PC. Random off-topic conversations with whoever else is in the room are a must, and calls with whoever is not there to see what they are trying to get done. I enjoy doing late-night work, so I guess I’d keep working until I’m done or when the sun rises!