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Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts 
<p class='flashheadline'>Moonlight Shines for Film School Alums</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Indie Film Explodes on National Scene</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Barry-Jenkins-Second-Indie-Film-Explodes-on-National-Scene' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>MFA Production Program Poised to Dive into Cinematic VR</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>FSU looking for next generation of Immersive Storytellers</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/FSU-looking-for-next-generation-of-Immersive-Storytellers' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Film School claims 40th Student Emmy</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>FSU Wins First Place Student Emmy at 37th Annual College Television Awards</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Film-School-claims-40th-Student-Emmy' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>2015 Grad Wins Prestigious Humanitas Prize</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Adrienne Rush Awarded Humanitas Student Drama Fellowship</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Adrienne-Rush-Awarded-Humanitas-Student-Drama-Fellowship' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>FSU Alum Lands First-Look Deal with Fox</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>'Maze Runner' Director Wes Ball to Focus on High-Concept Genre Fare</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/FSU-Alum-Lands-First-Look-Deal-with-Fox' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>FSU Sound Professor remembered for work on Star Wars</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Daughter still proud of family's 'Star Wars' sound legacy</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Professor-Emeritus-Richard-Portman-s-work-for-Star-Wars-still-remembered' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Alum produces documentary to air on Discovery Channel</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Alumni Gina Papabeis (BFA 2008) Co-Produced "Racing Extinction" airing on the Discovery Channel December 2nd</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Alumni-Gina-Papabeis-BFA-2008-Co-Produced-Racing-Extinction-airing-on-the-Discovery-Channel-December-2nd' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Alums make #1 Box Office Movie</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Director Wes Ball ('02) and writer T.S. Nowlin ('05) on fire with sequel</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Alums-make-1-Box-Office-Movie' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Variety Names FSU Alum One of 10 Directors to Watch</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Aaron Moorhead feted at special brunch at Palm Springs Film Festival</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Aaron-Moorhead-feted-at-special-brunch-at-Palm-Springs-Film-Festival' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Alum tapped to direct top-secret Bad Robot film</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>JJ Abrams will produce the feature debut of Chris Alender</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Alum-tapped-to-direct-top-secret-Bad-Robot-film' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p>

Meet Our Students

Every student who enters one of our programs at the College of Motion Picture Arts will have a unique and compelling experience.  Learn more about our students and their journey through the College's programs.

Cootie Contagion

Cootie Contagion - Student Emmy Winner

Want to see more award winning student films? Check out our YouTube page!

Keylight film bts

Keylight Screenings:

Los Angeles, CA | February 2, 2016

Atlanta, GA | Week of April 4th

New York, NY | May 3, 2016

Keylight Festival | August 4-6, 2016

Register here.

Learn the art, craft and business of visual storytelling at the College of Motion Picture Arts. Our students made this tongue-in-cheek spot about the filmmaking process. As you can see, they don't take themselves too seriously, but they also know every job on a film set, and how to tell a great story. Do you have a story to tell?




We invite you to learn more about our programs, our community, and ways you can be involved with the College of Motion Picture Arts.