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Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts 
<p class='flashheadline'>Alum tapped to direct top-secret Bad Robot film</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>JJ Abrams will produce the feature debut of Chris Alender</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Alum-tapped-to-direct-top-secret-Bad-Robot-film' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>#1 Box Office film directed by FSU Film alum</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Wes Ball amazes with "The Maze Runner", will helm sequel</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Wes-Ball-amazes-with-The-Maze-Runner-will-helm-sequel' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>New "L.A. Intensive" connects students, alumni with industry</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Ivan and Jason Reitman talk with alumni in film forum</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/New-L.A.-Intensive-connects-students-alumni-with-industry' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Student Films Sweep Student Emmys</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Five student producers accept awards from the College of Motion Picture Arts</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Student-Films-Sweep-Student-Emmys' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Faculty documentary screens from coast to coast</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Valerie Scoon travels to Grenada, the subject of her film</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Faculty-doc-screens-from-coast-to-coast' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Once again, alums made their marks on Oscar-nominated films</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Kelsey Scott starred in "12 Years a Slave," nominated for nine Oscars</p><p><a href='/News/Top-Stories/Kelsey-Scott-starred-in-12-Years-a-Slave-nominated-for-nine-Oscars' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/fsu-v03/images/more.gif'/></a></p>


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The College of Motion Picture Arts has designed intimate, hands-on, and project-centered degrees that train students in the art, craft, and business of storytelling.


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Learn the art, craft and business of visual storytelling at the College of Motion Picture Arts. Our students made this tongue-in-cheek spot about the filmmaking process. As you can see, they don't take themselves too seriously, but they also know every job on a film set, and how to tell a great story. Do you have a story to tell?

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