Film Studies Minor

Bring Your Passion to the Classroom

Whether you consider yourself a film buff, cinephile or movie enthusiast, a minor in Film Studies will give you the opportunity to examine the facets of American and international films in an interdisciplinary setting. The program will allow you to experience various approaches to film study including:

  • Film and cultural differences
  • Basic film vocabulary
  • Film and social forces
  • Film history
  • Film theories
  • Film directors
  • Film aesthetics

The Film Studies minor does not offer classes in filmmaking or working with film equipment, as those courses are open only to Film Majors.

Course Listings

The Film Studies minor requires the completion of fifteen (15) semester hours in courses approved by the College of Motion Picture Arts. Please contact the specific departments listed for information on when a specific course is offered, what is covered, etc.

Film Minor Course List

Some semesters a department may offer a special topics course dealing with some aspect of filmmaking. Please be sure to get approval from the College of Motion Picture Arts to ensure that course will count for the minor before registering. For assistance with advisement for the Film Studies minor, contact the College at 850-645-8675 or

All courses must be taken at FSU for the minor. Courses counted towards the Film Studies minor can not be used to meet major requirements.