Animation and Digital Arts

Master storytelling through 3D animation

The Animation and Digital Arts program is built on the belief that technological innovations are simply instruments to better serve the story. While you learn the intricacies of development and production in 3D animation, you’ll also understand the best approach to using visual effects as a storytelling tool in live-action filmmaking. Ultimately, your education at the FSU Film School will take a story-first approach, no matter your focus in filmmaking.

As the motion picture industry continues to broaden its use of digital techniques, Florida State University has created a Bachelor of Fine Arts major focused on Animation and Digital Arts. This 3-year program within the 4-year degree gives you the opportunity to explore the evolution of filmmaking and master the tools and practices of today’s industry.

Students thrive in a collaborative environment where all BFA students are exposed to the same foundational coursework during their first semester in the Film School, and then the Animation students begin their deep dive into the tools and techniques of 3D animation.

Throughout your experience in the Animation and Digital Arts program, you’ll be exposed to filmmaking in its most authentic form. Working alongside industry professionals and exercising technical skills in support of storytelling, you’ll establish the background you need for a filmmaking career.

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