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Bylaws of the College of Motion Picture Arts



(approved by a majority of the faculty)

Herein Referred to as The Film School

November, 2010

These Bylaws are established to help the faculty of The Film School and administrators of the School conduct business efficiently and with fairness to all concerned. Nothing provided herein may in any way contradict or supersede the Constitution of Florida State University, Board of Governors, or the statutes of the Florida Legislature. They are subject to review and revision by procedures herein explained and shall be reviewed every five years by the Faculty and Administration of The Film School.

Section A. FACULTY. The Faculty of the Film School shall consist of all full-time faculty of all academic ranks. This shall consist of visiting faculty and those adjuncts teaching a full-time load in The Film School. Part-time faculty, as defined as less than 100% FTE, may meet with the faculty if they care to do so and participate in all discussions, but do not have the right to vote in faculty meetings or elections. Nor are they counted in the determination of a quorum.

Section B. FACULTY MEETINGS. The faculty shall meet on call of the Dean at least once a semester. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the faculty as defined in Section A. These meetings shall also include members of the Film School staff as deemed appropriate by the Dean.

1. These faculty meetings shall consist of, but not be exclusive to, any problems brought to the faculty and staff by the Dean, and may initiate action by the faculty on any issue of importance, any recommendations to the Dean, any issues of general interest to the Film School faculty or student or to Florida State University, and any agenda items from faculty, staff, and administration of interest and/or importance at the time of the meeting. The Dean shall preside over the Faculty Meetings, or in his/her absence, the Associate Dean or other designated representative, would preside. The order of business (or agenda) shall be determined by the Dean or in his/her absence, the Associate Dean or other designated representative.

2. In addition to the Faculty Meeting, there shall be Area Head meetings called at the discretion of the Dean and Associate Dean. Area Heads are outlined in Subsection 3.

3. Area Heads are defined by The Film School as the following: Head of Production, Head of Post Production, Head of Writing, and Head of Film Studies. These four positions will constitute attendance at Area Head Meetings along with the Associate Dean and, if so choosing, the Dean.

4. In addition to Area Head Meetings, there shall be meetings with the various areas of the Film School to be coordinated and run by each individual Area Head.

5. A special meeting of the faculty may be held at the request of the majority of faculty members. These meetings may happen as frequently as is warranted and presided over by any Area Head designated by that majority. The faculty may in addition discuss any issue of general interest to the University or to Film School faculty or students. Recommendations may be forwarded to the Executive Committee of the College, to the Office of the Dean of the Faculties, to the Faculty Senate, to any faculty committee, or to any appropriate administrative officer.

6. All Faculty Meetings, special Faculty Meetings, and Area Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Alice Sturgis' Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, Third Edition (1988), except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws. More informal procedures may be used as the situation warrants at the discretion of the Dean.

7. Minutes of all Faculty Meetings shall be kept by an assistant appointed by the Dean and made available to all faculty members whether present at the meeting or not, within 10 working days of every Faculty Meeting called by the Dean.

Section C. STANDING COMMITTEES. The Dean of The Film School shall appoint a standing committee for such topics as Academic Affairs, Promotion and Tenure, Elections, etc. Until such time that the Film School has grown to a proportion necessitating a committee such as this, the Area Heads for the faculty as a whole may serve the purpose of a Standing Committee.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The Dean, Associate Dean, a member of the faculty, and the Administrative Specialist shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Dean shall have the authority to appoint smaller temporary (ad hoc) committees as he/she deems necessary and may appoint individuals to conduct elections or do other routine business that may become necessary.

UNIVERSITY COMMITTEES. The tenured faculty of the College will elect one of the eligible Film School faculty to serve on the university-wide Promotion and Tenure Committee.

FACULTY SENATE. The tenured faculty of the College will elect one of the eligible Film School faculty to serve as its representative on the Faculty Senate for a two-year term. In the event a tie, faculty in the College, with advanced notice, will vote for a representative from the eligible faculty at a Faculty Meeting. All tenured faculty will be excused from the meeting prior to the casting of votes. Simple majority rules.

Section D. APPROVAL OF CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION. The Dean and Associate Dean of the Film School, on recommendation of the faculty, shall approve all candidates for degrees from the School. They shall be responsible for seeing that all requirements are met and, where necessary, justifiable exceptions granted. They shall also be responsible for enforcing university wide requirements. Likewise, the Dean and the Associate Dean shall be the arbiters, in consultation with the faculty, regarding any student dismissed from the Film School.

Section E. AMENDMENTS. The faculty of the Film School may, by majority vote, recommend an amendment to these Bylaws. Except in cases of emergency as determined either by the Dean or by a majority of the entire faculty of the Film School, proposed amendments shall be circulated to the entire faculty with a call for the next regular or special faculty meeting. Proposals shall be worded carefully in consultation with the Dean or Associate Dean, and distribution by the Executive Assistant shall include a brief rationale prepared by those supporting the amendment.