The Torchlight Program

Bridging the Gap

The Torchlight Program is a non-degree-granting academic program designed to enhance the education of motion picture students. The program functions as a gateway between film school and your career by providing instruction in current and emerging business practices of the motion picture industry. Only students currently enrolled in Florida State University are qualified to participate in the program.

The program offers coursework in a variety of areas, including motion picture financing, distribution, and marketing. It then seeks to provide students with relevant internship opportunities to gain in-depth experience in these areas.

Goals of the Torchlight Program

  • To educate motion picture students in current and emerging business practices of the motion picture industry
  • To create strategic local, state and national educational partnerships within the film industry
  • To create effective incentives and opportunities for the College’s faculty to produce their creative work in Tallahassee
  • To provide motion picture business leadership in the State of Florida
  • To create a culture of cinema appreciation through community interaction in the State of Florida

Students may enroll in internships arranged by the program with various motion picture industry members and organizations, including the College’s nationally recognized faculty who bring their creative work to the program in support of its stated goals.