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Would a YouTube channel have influenced Stanley Kubrick's storytelling?

With a digital camera in hand could John Cassavates have pushed character exploration even deeper?

Which director will next follow Christopher Nolan's path from art house to intelligent blockbuster?


These are a select few of the questions that fuel conversations in and out of the classroom at the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. If continuing the tradition of storytelling through film is at the tip of your tongue every waking moment, join the group of passionate filmmakers found in our undergraduate program. Your story begins with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from a college recognized as a staple in Motion Picture Arts education.

Explore the art of storytelling through innovative practices and technology in our Animation and Digital Arts program.

Learn the art, craft and business of filmmaking that will inform your visual storytelling in our Production program.

Study the history and culture of film in our Film Studies minor.



Rooted in the Hollywood adage that "Story is King," the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts remains dedicated to the art of storytelling and going beyond mere technical instruction. Undergraduate studies begin with focus on the history and genres of film, exploring your voice in screenwriting, becoming proficient working with actors, learning the foundation of CG and live action production, editing and sound. Our curriculum is hands-on and project based, meaning, you will be creating and crewing on a series of short films, produced with the equipment, facilities, guidelines and requirements that are currently employed throughout the filmmaking industry - all within a conservatory model of education.



While enjoying the advantages of one of the largest research universities in the nation, you will thrive in the small class size, mentor/apprentice setting of the College of Motion Picture Arts that allows for one-on-one guidance from some of the greatest minds in filmmaking.



At the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts we believe story is the engine that drives every production decision. We also trust that learning the craft of filmmaking will enable you to discover your art. As your studies progress, you will specialize in a craft area through our program in Animation and Digital Arts or Production. Here you will explore the techniques and aesthetic skills necessary for advanced digital filmmaking, while defining your art of storytelling.



With over 400 feature films attributed to our faculty members, chances are the films that inspired you to become a filmmaker, have been influenced by our faculty's talents. You will be learning from a faculty body composed of award - winning filmmakers who share the gift of teaching. The College of Motion Picture Arts has earned the reputation as a leader in education, described by the Hollywood Reporter as "one of the world's best," listed in the Fiske Guide to Colleges as "one of the top motion picture schools in the nation," and recognized by the Directors Guild of America for our "distinguished contribution to American culture through the world of film and television."



Upon graduation you become part of a network of College of Motion Picture Arts alumni who have earned a 97% rate of employment in the industry within one year of graduation, our alumni can be found in every facet of the entertainment business. The college offers you the opportunity to be paired with an alumni mentor who can help ground you in the business and introduce you to successful filmmakers.



Click below to explore our Bachelor of Fine Arts programs:

BFA in Motion Picture Arts - Animation and Digital Arts

The purpose of the Animation and Digital Arts program is to explore filmmaking and enhanced storytelling techniques through the lens of technological innovation, preparing you for an influential career in an ever-expanding industry.

BFA in Motion Picture Arts - Production

The BFA in Production program is a comprehensive education in filmmaking, designed to train you in the art, craft, and business of storytelling and to prepare you for success in the entertainment industry.

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Minor in Film Studies

The Film Studies minor offers you the opportunity to study the culture, history, and aesthetics of American and international films.