Listed here is an exhaustive source to the most prominent and important professional organizations in the filmmaking industry, ranging from the academies that award the Oscar and the Emmy to the Screen Actors and Directors Guilds of America.


Internships and mentorship/training programs are a great way to begin in the motion picture industry and gain valuable skills and insights. Here is a list of just a few of the many internship and mentoring opportunities some of the most popular entertainment companies offer.

Motion Picture Studios and TV Networks

These links are to the majority of major motion picture and television companies and studios, many with branches on both the east and the west coasts.


A list of resources for those interested in careers in the motion picture production business. This includes foundations and commissions that offer incentive packages and grants plus search engines for jobs in motion picture production.

General Interest

These links lead you to sites that are related to the appreciation and enjoyment of motion pictures and related topics. Included are sites such as the Internet Movie Data Base (IMBD) and the Florida Governor's Office of Film & Entertainment updates of motion picture projects on-going in Florida.