First Annual Keylight Festival

This year we mark another milestone as we kick off our first ever Keylight Festival. Join us in celebrating our MFA class of 2015 and their thesis films and see what else we've cooked up to make the week a special one. The Saturday screenings of the MFA thesis films are free and open to the public - just show up! If you are interested in participating in any of the other festival events, tickets will be required. Please contact Gina Rhodes (850-644-0453) for more information.


Keylight Schedule





1 Off the Leash

  • Director: Brittany Gutheim
  • Writers: Brittany Gutheim & Nic Sridej
  • Producer: Meg Scott Cain
  • Cinematographer: Trigg Ferrano
  • Editor: Ashlea Patterson
  • Production Designer: Nick DeCell
  • Cast: Casey Leach, Dayne Catalano, Anne Marie Aksell, Ian Bossung, Wade Howard, Winnie as Mr. Biggles

After losing their friend's dog during a night of debauchery, a rag-tag group of high school punks goes on a harebrained odyssey to find him.


2 Thank You For the Music

  • Writer/Director: Spencer Frankeberger
  • Producer: Whitney Clinkscales
  • Cinematographer: Paul Tackett
  • Editor: Eric Sarrantonio
  • Production Designer: Eric Frisina
  • Cast: Drew Feldman, Katrina Kalis, Erika Stone

Kenny shares his love of music with the classroom where he is interning, and he struggles to make a connection with Sally, who is deaf.


3 Moments

  • Director/Writer: Erica Chan
  • Producer: Eric Frisina
  • Cinematographer: Kariim Charlier
  • Editor: Rochelle Rose
  • Production Designer: Rochelle Rose
  • Original Music: Jan Rachel Sicam
  • Cast: Sarah Rosenkrantz, Miles G. Jackson, James Webb, Anita Miller

Disheartened by her marriage-shy boyfriend, Emma decides the key to her heart should be entrusted to the paws of a loveable puppy.


4 Super Chef

  • Director/ Writer: Rochelle Rose
  • Producer: Fred Johnson
  • Cinematographer: Kariim Charlier
  • Editor: Saad Nawab
  • Production Designer: Spencer Frankeberger
  • Cast: Caleb Joseph, Alex Perez, Brynn Elders

Afflicted by food allergies, a young nerd concocts an imaginary hero, Super Chef, to help him conquer GMOs…and his loneliness at a flavorless summer camp.


5 Finale

  • Director/Writer: Eric Frisina
  • Producer: Spencer Frankeberger
  • Cinematographer: Jeremy Donaldson
  • Editor: Spencer Frankeberger
  • Production Designer: Rochelle Rose
  • Cast: Shane Howell, Peter Lynch, Max Bowen

When Carter makes it to the final episode of Quest: the Odyssey, he's after more than the $100,000 prize. He's trying to save his brother's life.


6 Nightfall

  • Writer/director: Meg Scott Cain
  • Producer: Whitney Clinkscales
  • Cinematographer: Trigg Ferrano
  • Editor/production designer: Brittany Gutheim
  • Cast: Alec Ruiz, James McGettrick, Vera McKinney Kutz, Carson Gay

Consumed by the memory of his mother's death, an obsessive recluse must prove to his skeptical older brother that a monster will return to feed again.


7 Awakening Love

  • Director: Yiyi Yin
  • Writers: Frederick Johnson & Diandra Pendelton-Thompson
  • Producer: Frederick Johnson
  • Cinematographer: Paul Tackett
  • Production Designer: Rochelle Rose
  • Editor: Paul Tackett
  • Cast: Trisha Beharie, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, C.P. Walker, Adalena Pulliam, Zakia Jas

When Angelette feels love blooming in her heart, she struggles between surrendering to it and staying frozen in her memories of past abuse.


8 Frankenstein's Light

  • Director: Saad Nawab
  • Writer: John Jay Boda
  • Producer: Erica Chan
  • Cinematographer: Paul Tackett
  • Production Designer: Yingxiang Huang
  • Editor: Eric Sarrantonio
  • Cast: Brynn Elders, Miles G. Jackson, Dennis Howard, Nic Sridej

A young troublemaker must go on a journey to track down the monster that escaped from the silver screen to save her grandfather.



1 How I Killed Pistol Rogers

  • Director: Ashlea Patterson
  • Writers: Gary Wilkerson
  • Ashlea Patterson
  • Producer: Spencer Frankeberger
  • DOP: Trigg Ferrano
  • Editor: Nick DeCell
  • Production Designer: Brittany Gutheim
  • Cast: Jessica Saul, Shanee Kiera Buckner, Arielle Raycene, Katie Bottomley, Raechelle Egan

Frankie totally thinks she'll be crowned second in command. But when the new girl is chosen instead, Frankie must seize what is rightfully hers.


2 Wan Mei (Perfect)

  • Director/Writer: Yiyi Yin
  • Producer: Saad Nawab
  • Cinematographer: Jeremy Donaldson
  • Production Designer: Yingxiang Huang
  • Editor: Yingxiang Huang
  • Composer: Haowei Guo
  • Cast: Allen Theosky Rowe, Wei-Yi Lin, Michael Shenefelt

When a man realizes his girlfriend has been unfaithful to him, he resorts to revenge… and the love of a mannequin.


3 Isa and the Frog Prince

  • Director: Yingxiang Huang
  • Writers: Yingxiang Huang, Nic Sridej
  • Producer: Erica Chan
  • Cinematographer: Jeremy Donaldson
  • Prod. Designer: Yiyi Yin
  • Editor: Erica Chan
  • Cast: Julia Jordan, Christian Fasce, Matthew Kosto, Mark Mills, Glenn Allen

After Isa tells her class she believes her frog is an enchanted prince, a bully and his gang challenge her to prove it.


4 Somewhere To Be

  • Writer/Director: Nick DeCell
  • Producer: Brian Knight
  • Cinematographer: Trigg Ferrano
  • Editor: Ashlea Patterson
  • Production Designer: Brittany Guttheim
  • Cast: Lilly Wilton, Rane Jameson, Jared Wofford

Margaret has everything figured out, until her plans are derailed by a wide-eyed wanderer, forcing her to do the one thing she hates most: improvise.


5 Hush

  • Director/Writer: Whitney Clinkscales
  • Producer: Brian Knight
  • Director of Photography: Jeremy Donaldson
  • Editor: Trigg Ferrano
  • Production Designer: Meg Scott Cain
  • Composer: Zac Stryker
  • Cast: Isabella Iannuzzi, James Rich, Ian Bossung

When a young ballerina performs as Little Red Riding Hood, the line between art and life blurs, and a real monster looms.


6 The Good The Bad and The Elderly

  • Director/Writer: Brian Knight
  • Producer: Meg Scott Cain
  • Cinematographer: Kariim Charlier
  • Editor: Nick DeCell
  • Production Designer: Nick DeCell
  • Cast: Dennis Howard, Marlene Hamerling, Ray Bouchard, Wayne Thompson, Craig Murphy, Zack Cagan, James McGettrick

A group of retired bank robbers is forced to get back into the business after their stashed money is stolen by a former partner.