Top Stories

Check here for in-depth stories about the College of Motion Picture Arts, its students, faculty, and alumni. You can read about awards our student motion pictures have garnered, noteworthy projects our faculty have undertaken, the exciting things our alumni are doing, and the recognition the college receives from the media and film industry.

First Annual Keylight Festival

Welcome to our first ever Keylight Festival, celebrating a new graduating class, welcoming back visiting alumni, and screening student films - all leading up to the First Annual Magic Hour Gala.

Warren Reports

Alumni Director Meryl Warren publishes a weekly report each Thursday describing the current events in and out of the College of Motion Picture Arts. It includes an update on what is happening around Tallahassee in filmmaking, our alumni activities and projects, and most importantly, the latest information on our motion pictures in the festival circuit, including all screenings and awards.


A list of links to alumni sites, film industry professional organizations, agencies, and groups.