Keylight 2016

Saturday, August 6th




A homebound mother relies on her loving son for healthcare. When tests reveal an alarming secret, she must find the true cause of her affliction.

Writer/Director: Christopher Nold
Producer: Jeremiah Bodner
Cinematographer: Sara Corkern
Editor: Mary Jeanes
Production Designer: Allison Izzo
Starring: Debi Kalman and Casey Leach


Each Coming Day

A young woman visiting her older sister cares for a beloved, aging horse as her sisters pushes her to work through their mother’s recent death.

Director: Jennifer Silver
Writers: Sara Corkern & Jennifer Silver
Producer: Phillip Thomas
Cinematographer: Sara Corkern
Editor: Sara Corkern
Production Designer: Allison Izzo
Composer: Brianna Rhodes
Starring Cast: Rebeca Robles and Kim Beuché


8 Bit Hero

After their father passes away, brothers Sam and Ollie clash over the future of their family arcade as they play the game their dad designed.

Director: JohnRoss Hawkins
Writers:  JohnRoss Hawkins & Joe Morgan
Producer: Persephonie Rose
Cinematographer: Jeremy Bolden
Editor: Yiding Ma
Production Designer: Carl T. Rogers
Starring Cast: Charlie Prince as Sam & Ethan Crosbie as Ollie



Scenes from a Funeral Reception

Through a neurotic tangle of grumpy and self-absorbed attendees, a disenchanted grandson searches for insight at his grandfather’s funeral reception.

Writer/Director: Jeremiah Bodner
Producer: Alex White
Director of Photography: Santiago Oviedo
Editor: YueCheng Liu, Persephone Rose
Sound: Mingjian Cui
Production Designer: Mary Jeanes
Starring Cast: Bryan Schany, Janet Findling, Dorothea Syleos, Leanne Hanson, Dennis Howard



Dominatrix Aria must confront her feelings for her boss Sade when a dangerous politician threatens their fetish club.

Writer/Director: Persephonie Rose
Producer: Chris Nold
Cinematographer: Beth Bissonette
Editor: JohnRoss Hawkins
Production Designer: JohnRoss Hawkins
Composer: Brianna Rhodes / William Turner
Starring Cast: Tara Dane as Aria, Ben Paden as Sade, Ryan Barber as Senator Prescott


Battle of the Brides

After a Bridezilla steals his wedding venue, a meek groom must win a one-of-a-kind wedding gown to appease his overbearing fiancée.

Writer/Director: Phillip Thomas
Producer: JohnRoss Hawkins
Cinematographer: Beth Bissonnette
Editor: Carl T. Rogers
Production Designer: Persephonie Rose


Murky Water

In the backwater swamps of the South, a rebellious preacher’s daughter has hell to pay when she conjures her dead mother’s ghost.

Director: Carl T. Rogers
Producer: Alex White
Cinematographer: Santiago Oviedo
Editor: Yiding Ma
Production Designer: Alexandrina André
Composer: Justin Michael Brittain
Starring Cast: Heather O'Leary, David Lee Hess and Shannon Scott



When her crush shows up at a party, Natalie attempts to play it cool to keep her night from going up in flames.

Writer/Director: Allison Izzo
Producer: Alex White
Cinematographer: Sara Corkern
Editor: Christopher Nold
Production Designer: Jeremiah Bodner
Composer: Brianna Rhodes
Cast: Shea Madison, Teddy Williams and Chas Harvey


The Koi

This software allows for analysis of step-by-step movements, different movement angles, speed, and trajectory. It is also useful as a tool for demonstrating key movement techniques for athletics.

Director: Qiyu Zhou
Writer(s): Qiyu Zhou & Jonathan Hughes
Producer: Luis Mendez Jr.
Cinematographer: Jeremy Bolden
Editor: Santiago Oviedo
Production Designer: Mingjian Cui
Composer (if applicable): Brianna Rhodes
Starring Cast: Allen Rowe, Julia Banfill



A strong-willed widower with a heavy stutter is determined to win the respect of his son by speaking to the boy’s class on Career Day.

Director: Ivo Huahua
Writer: Ivo Huahua
Producer: Yuecheng Liu
Cinematographer: Santiago Oviedo
Editor: Jeremiah Bodner
Production Designer: Andrea Branch
Starring: Rodney J. MacKinnon and Brian Knoebel




With her reckless boyfriend trapped high on a cliff, inexperienced climber Erin risks her life in an attempt to rescue him before it's too late.

Writer/Director: Mary Jeanes
Producer: IvOrlando Huahua
Cinematographer: Jeremy Bolden
Editor: Jeremy Bolden
Production Designer: Qiyu Zhou
Sound Designer: Mingjian Cui
Composer: Scott W. Hallgren
Starring Cast: Antonina Vargas and Michael D. Finley



Flora, a transgender woman, is exposed to prejudice when she uses the women’s bathroom for the first time during a visit to a small cafe.

Writer/Director: Alexandrina Andre
Producer: Yiding Ma
Cinematographer: Beth Bissonette
Editor: Yiding Ma
Production Designer: Margery Weisz
Composer: Zac Stryker and Brianna Rhodes
Starring: Graham Mortier



As a catastrophic epidemic devastates the world, John Sage fights to save his daughter from the mysterious virus that has recently consumed his wife.

Director: Luis Mendez Jr
Writer(s): Luis Mendez Jr & Jonathan Hughes
Producer: Andrea Branch
Cinematographer: Elizabeth Bissonnette
Editor: Alex White
Production Designer : YueCheng Liu
Composer: Zac Stryker
Starring Cast: Chris Cleveland, Brynn Elders, Mike Nunez, Inge Uys, Ken Luzadder and Summer Hill Seven


Heavy Weight

Driven by his obsessive coach, a powerlifter struggles to face his fear of bench pressing 515 pounds again, the weight that nearly killed him in his last competition.

Director: Jennifer Silver
Writers: Annushka Almendros & Alex White
Producer: Alex White
Cinematographer: Sara Corkern
Editor: Minjian Cui
Production Designer: Allison Izzo
Starring Cast: Nick McNeil, Ken Wester and Shannon Kay


The Voice from the Page

Abandoned by her mother and now struggling with her alcoholic father, Nikki prepares her most precious poem for her first open mic night.

Writer/Director: Andrea Branch
Producer: Phillip Thomas
Cinematographer: Santiago Oviedo
Editor: Ivorlando Huahua
Production Designer: Carl T. Rogers
Starring Cast: Ashley Ramos, Jarrett Michael Collins



When Frankie's husband is detained at the airport for being a spy, she must decide whether to expose her deepest secret to save him.

Director: YueCheng Liu
Writer: YueCheng Liu and Jake Morgan
Producer: Luis Mendez
Cinematographer: Jeremy Bolden
Editor: Yiding Ma
Production Designer: Mary Jeanes
Composer: will have one soon!
Starring Cast: Stefanie Butler, Daniel Harray and Gys De Villier