Volunteers & Actors

Interested in volunteering as a crew member or actor? The College of Motion Picture Arts is highly dependent upon the support of the community. Two major aspects of this help come from volunteers and actors.

The following pages will get you into contact with the College to help out.


Are you interested in being on the big screen? The College of Motion Picture Arts holds open auditions in the Fall semester (typically in September).

Just create your own actor profile that includes a headshot and contact info. When students are ready to start casting for their projects, they can search through these profiles to find the perfect match! You will also be notified of upcoming auditions so that you will have the opportunity to come in and read for specific roles.

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Are you interested in working behind the scenes? Just complete our form to be added to our volunteer database. Then when our students are in need of a volunteer, they will search that database to find someone whose interest fits their need. We are typically looking for volunteers in the following four areas:

  • Production Assistants (helping with paperwork and food services)
  • Grip & Electric (helping to haul and set up equipment)
  • Art Department (helping with set decoration, wardrobe, hair and makeup)
  • Post Production (creating original music compositions)

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