The College of Motion Picture Arts welcomes applications from transfer students.  Admission into the College is highly selective; please take a moment to review the requirements listed below.

Because of the number of credit hours required to complete the major, a transfer student can have no more than 66 hours completed at the time of transfer. 

Note: apply as a freshman if you are currently in high school, even if taking college courses. If you are enrolled in a dual-enrollment program and anticipate having enough college credits to earn an associate’s degree, you are also required to apply as a freshman.


Current FSU Students

Current FSU students should make an appointment with Emily Burgess, the College's advisor, to see what classes are still needed to transfer.  Students can email Emily at to set up an appointment for advisement.


Applicants Outside FSU

Students who are interested in transferring into FSU from another college or university need to first apply to Florida State University. Please note that you first must be admitted to FSU before you can be considered for admission to the College of Motion Picture Arts.

If you have questions about which specific courses will transfer into FSU, you are welcome to contact Emily Burgess, the College's advisor, at  You will need to include a copy of your unofficial transcript attached to the email for her to review.


Applicants with an AA Degree

Students who have completed an Associates of Arts (AA) Degree from a public college in the state of Florida have completed all liberal studies requirements needed to transfer.  Students who have completed an AA degree from any college outside of Florida OR a private college in Florida should email Emily Burgess with a copy of their unofficial transcript to determine what courses are still needed in order to transfer.

Students who are interested in transferring into FSU from another college or university need to first apply to Florida State University here.  Please note that you first must be admitted to FSU before you can be considered for admission to the College of Motion Picture Arts.


College of Motion Picture Arts Transfer Application

All application materials must be submitted electronically through the Online Application system found in the link below. The application deadline for transfer applicants for Fall 2017 is December 16th, 2016.

Mailed or faxed materials will not be accepted.

Before applying, please be sure to read the Application Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, and Important Dates and Deadlines.

To apply, you will need to submit the following documents with your application:

  • Résumé – A document that highlights your education, creative endeavors, activities, travel, employment, and service work as they apply to your aspirations as a filmmaker (no longer than 3 pages).
  • Personal Journey Statement - A 500-1000 word essay describing who you are as an individual and why you want to be a filmmaker. This statement should concentrate on how your background has influenced your storytelling and filmmaking development, as well as your desire and commitment to enter the College of Motion Picture Arts. Use this statement as an opportunity to demonstrate your unique voice and personality in addition to your passion for filmmaking.
  • Writing Sample

    A two-page, non-dialogue scene typed in 12-point Courier in standard screenplay format. Choose one of the following three prompts for the basis of your scene:

    • 1. Someone sees a spider in their home and tries to kill it at any cost.
    • 2. When burglars break into her home, a young girl tries to sneak out of the house without being seen.
    • 3. A starving puppy tries to steal food from the kitchen of a five-star restaurant.

For helpful tips on proper screenplay format visit this website

  • Three Letters of Recommendation-

    In the online application, enter the names and email addresses for the individuals who will be writing the letters on your behalf. Be sure to have up-to-date email addresses for your recommenders.  Your recommender will receive an email link that directs them to upload their letter of recommendation as either a Word or PDF file. We will only accept letters of recommendation online and NOT in hard copy form. Please have your recommender check their spam folder if they do not see an email request in their inbox after you have entered their correct information. If there are any issues related to the recommendations, please email and we will follow up with you or your recommender as soon as possible.

    All letters of recommendation must be submitted no later than the application deadline of December 16th, 2016. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up with their recommender to confirm the completion of the letters of recommendation.

    Your recommender can be a teacher, professor, guidance counselor, mentor, employer, or someone you’ve worked with on a creative project among others. They should be able to speak to your ability to succeed in our program or your passion for storytelling.

  • Creative Submission-

    A creative portfolio of work demonstrating your ability and commitment to storytelling. Strong samples contain visual or written material that demonstrates creativity, imaginative expression of thought, and the potential for visual storytelling.

    Choose any of the following or a combination of media:

    • Film, video, animation, documentary, or experimental work of up to ten minutes total running time. Submissions can consist of a demo reel, short film, or clips from a longer film. Please be clear about your specific contribution to each project.
    • Photographs, drawings, paintings, sculpture, graphic art, costume, or set design that illustrates your creative vision and style. Limited to 15 pieces total.
    • A sequence of 10-15 images that explores your visual storytelling. These images can be drawings or photographs in the form of a storyboard.
    • Creative writing sample composed of a narrative short story, poem, script, or play. Writing samples should be in standard 12pt. font, single-spaced, and not exceed 3 pages.

      NOTE: Your creative submission must be presented through a single URL to a personal website or trusted third-party site. The link should go directly to the work you would like the Admissions Committee to consider and must be the applicant’s original work. Please be sure no downloads or passwords are required for the Admissions Committee to view your work. Do not include any copyrighted material in your video work as that may cause the removal of your video from a third-party site. Your submission should be online and available through April of 2017 when final decisions are made.

  • Supplemental Essay- Required if you are applying to both the Animation and Digital Arts and Production majors. 

    A 500-word essay explaining why you would like to be considered for both majors and how your skill sets, influences, and interests are applicable to both programs. Applying to both programs does not increase your chances of acceptance and should only be utilized if you are passionate about filmmaking but undecided as to which major best suits your creative goals.

Review Process and Notification

The applicant’s submitted application, complete with Resume, Personal Journey Statement, Letters of Recommendation, Creative Submission, and optional Supplemental Essay will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee to determine a select group of applicants invited to mandatory on-campus interviews. Those selected for an interview will be notified at least ten days prior to the interview session. Interviews will take place in either late February or March of 2017 with specific dates yet to be determined.

Applicants will be notified of their status via the email provided in the College of Motion Picture Arts application. It is important to keep both your email address and phone number current by emailing us at if you need to make any changes.

Final notifications will go out starting mid-March and will continue through April 1st of 2017.

A short waiting list will be selected and kept until the start of classes in the Fall semester of 2017, in case any of the originally selected applicants are unable to attend. Students on the waiting list are notified if and when places become available in the entering class. Rankings within the waiting list for each major are not disclosed, and there is no guarantee that candidates will be offered a place in the entering class. Unsuccessful applicants, including waiting list candidates who did not receive a place, may apply again if eligible.

If you have any questions regarding the Motion Picture Arts application process, contact the College Admissions at or 850-644-8524.