Rochelle Rose

Rochelle is a first-year filmmaker in the MFA in Production program at the College of Motion Picture Arts. She just began her first semester in filmmaking this Fall and is in the process of completing her first film cycle at the college.


What was the biggest surprise when you entered the MFA in Production program?

The students in my class are amazing. I'm so humbled and honored to consider this creative, talented, driven and diverse group of people my colleagues. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much we've bonded in just a few weeks. I knew coming in that the faculty are great, but I'm also spending the next couple of years with peers who will strengthen me during my time here and for the remainder of my career.


What advice do you have for prospective graduate applicants of the program?

Be yourself. There's a girl in my class who can tell you anything about every Disney movie and another guy who is the same way about horror flicks. From international students to those with military and even corporate backgrounds, no two of us are alike. Our commitment and drive are the common elements. Just follow your dreams and don't be ashamed of being an individual.


What does a typical day look like for a new graduate film student?

Learning is my full time job. I clock at least 40 hours a week at the College of Motion Picture Arts and go home to homework. I'm studying everything related to film with vigor and support…all day every day. The days are long and keep growing longer, and I'm super excited.


Tell us what past experiences led to your passion for filmmaking.

I thank my news reporting class for putting the first camera in my hands. It was one of the most effortless A's I've earned because I was officially addicted to visual storytelling. I created my first music video during the same semester and had never been so motivated to do anything in my life. I'd found my passion. With that realization, I began digging into every movie possible, taking production classes and working on as many sets as I could during my time in California.


What was your major in your undergraduate degree?

Communications with a specialization in print journalism.