Dylan Chase

Dylan is a second-year filmmaker in the BFA in Animation and Digital Arts program at the College of Motion Picture Arts.


Why did you choose to study Animation and Digital Arts at Florida State University?

Florida State University has an incredible reputation for filmmaking, and I anticipated (and anticipated correctly) that the Animation program would be held to the same high standards as the BFA in Production program.


How is the Animation and Digital Arts program preparing you for the filmmaking industry?

I can make decisions much more quickly and efficiently because of the experience the program has given me. Even a task that I have not before encountered I respond to quickly and confidently.


What is your favorite part of the program?

I absolutely love the respect that we as students are given by the faculty. We are treated as professional artists in the field, which is exactly what we are becoming.


What has been the biggest surprise while studying Animation and Digital Arts at FSU?

I was so surprised at how much responsibility we as students are given. It takes a lot of trust and respect to hand someone thousands of dollars of equipment and know that they are capable of using it.


What are your professors like?

My professors are the best I have ever had the privilege of learning under. My professors are my mentors, my guidance counselors, my overlords, and my friends. But mostly my overlords.


Anything else you would like share?

If you have a true love of film and the filmmaking craft, there is no better choice than Florida State. Do yourself a favor, and apply.