Founding Stars

In August, 2012, three Hollywood stars were embedded in the foundation of the College of Motion Picture Arts in honor of three of the college's seminal founders; Raymond Fielding, Richard Portman, and Meryl Warren.


Raymond Fielding

Dean Emeritus Raymond Fielding joined the College of Motion Picture Arts in 1990 and served as the founding permanent dean for 13 years, before stepping down in the summer of 2003. Dean Fielding has spent the last 45 years as a professor and/or administrator at six different university film schools, including those of UCLA, USC, University of Iowa, Temple University, University of Houston, and The Florida State University.

Richard Portman

Professor Emeritus Richard Portman has served as sound mixer on more than 200 featurefilms. He won an Academy Award for Best Sound for the film The Deer Hunter and a British Academy Award for Best Sound on Robert Altman's Nashville. He has received eleven Academy Award nominations for sound work in feature films, including The Godfather, Young Frankenstein, Coal Miner's Daughter and On Golden Pond. He was instrumental to the founding of the College of Motion Picture Arts.

Meryl Warren

As Director of Alumni, Meryl Warren coordinates alumni affairs for the College, and publishes the weekly Warren Report, which keeps faculty, current students and alumni updated on happenings within the College and information about alumni. She played a major role in the creation and design of the new College of Motion Picture Arts and was crucial to its development and growth. She remains enthusiastically involved in its day-to-day operation and is the only individual within the school who personally knows every student who has been enrolled in the college since 1989.