FSU is the only university in the United States - with graduate and undergraduate programs - that provides to its students the full range of motion picture equipment, including grip and camera trucks, generators, dollies, grip and electric equipment, and RED Dragon and Weapon cameras.

Students work in dedicated production offices, shoot on professional sound stages, view their work in screening theaters tuned to industry specifications, and edit their work in non-linear digital post-production facilities.

The facility is open and available to students 24 hours a day, and is protected by swipe card access. The College is among the largest and best-equipped facilities in the world devoted to motion picture education.

Post-Production Studios

The College has recently completed a major upgrade of the post production facilities. Features include a tapeless workflow supported by a SAN (storage area network) on a fiber optic infrastructure in a Mac OSX environment.

Students have 24-hour access to fifteen client-based editing suites running Adobe Creative Suite version 6.x and Steinberg Nuendo 5.x software. Additionally, select suites are outfitted with DaVinici Resolve 9 for finishing. Other facilities include two soundstages, two HD screening stages, two 5.1 rerecoding stages, an ADR/Foley stage and a visual effects lab supporting Nuke, Mari, the Adobe Creative Suite, and much more.

Visual Effects Studio

The Visual Effects Studio at the College provides a "virtual facility" for the production of visual effects for student motion pictures.

We provide classroom and individual instruction in visual effects techniques utilizing professional applications such as Shake, Maya, Photoshop, Boujou, After Effects and many others.

The lab features fully outfitted QuadCore G5 workstations, networked with the post facility's optic fiber network and with more than 4.2 terabytes of additional dedicated storage.

Sound Stages

The College is equipped with three soundstages (A, B, and C) for the production of student motion pictures, to hold classes and for production workshops.

Stages A and B feature acoustically isolated spaces measuring approximately 3000 and 1500 square feet, respectively, to accommodate both large and small set constructions. Most notably, the main sound stage A is fitted with movable grids for extensive lighting design options.

Mixing Stages

Included in the post production facilities are two re-recording stages (mix theaters A and B) for the completion of student works.

These are fully automated mixing facilities featuring WK Audio control surfaces on Nuendo editing/mixing systems.

Student productions are prepared and mixed to accepted Dolby Digital specifications.

The rooms are tuned to The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences sound specifications for theatrical response.

The Student Life Cinema and the Ruby Diamond Auditorium on FSU's campus also serve as screening rooms for the College's special motion picture presentations and events.

Torchlight Learning Center

The studio facilities at Critchfield Hall are located 15 mins. west of the FSU main campus, in Midway. The facility includes production offices, conference rooms, post production facilities, and a sound stage.

Classes in Directing, Production Design, and Cinematography are held on the first floor sound stage area while classes in distribution and marketing make full use of the offices and conference rooms on the second floor.

The Torchlight Program is also housed at The Torchlight Learning Center.

Instructional Back Lot

Adjacent to the College's two sound stages is our back lot. The back lot serves as a controlled outdoor shooting location.

Designed to mimic a small urban landscape, it includes two adjacent dwelling facades of both the brownstone and bay area architectural styles with a front sidewalk and curb and a small park area with interchangeable lighting fixtures.