Our alumni can be found at every level of the entertainment industry and all over the world. They have worked on major blockbusters, directed their own award-winning indies, worked on television shows, and produced music videos.

Our graduates also have a strong sense of community, as they routinely work with each other in the industry and come back to the College to talk with current students. Alumni routinely screen their films and give our students a real-time feel for the industry. A number of alumni run their own production companies, which have opened up job opportunities for our newly graduated alumni.

Alumni Productions

Below you can find just a small sample of some of the productions our alumni have worked on in the industry. Under each title is the name of the alumni, the year they graduated from the program, and the position they held on the film.

E.J. Holowicki ('00) Sound Effects Josh Tickell ('02) Writer/Director Ali Bell ('09) Executive Producer Steven Broussard ('03) Executive Producer
Jonathan King ('92) Executive Producer Sarah Beth Shapiro ('06) Assistant Editor Matthew Lopez ('93) Screenwriter Dadrian Flavors ('10) VFX Coordinator
Susan Dawes ('93) Dialogue Editor Amanda Farinos ('00) Animation Manager Sam Beam ('99) Soundtrack Dustin Cawood ('03) Sound Editor

Graduated Class Gallery

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