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The Torchlight Program

The Torchlight Program is a non-degree granting academic program designed to enhance the education of motion picture students by providing instruction in current and emerging business practices of the motion picture industry.  Only students currently enrolled in Florida State University are qualified to participate in the program.  The program offers coursework in a variety of areas, including motion picture financing, distribution, and marketing.  It then seeks to provide students with relevant internship opportunities to gain hands-on experience in these areas.

The Torchlight Center

Goals of the Torchlight Program

  • To educate motion picture students in current and emerging business practices of the motion picture industry
  • To create strategic local, state and national educational partnerships with industry
  • To create effective incentives and opportunities for the College's faculty to produce their creative work in Tallahassee
  • To provide motion picture business leadership in the State of Florida
  • To create a culture of cinema appreciation through community interaction in the State of Florida

Students may enroll in internships arranged by the program with various motion picture industry members and organizations, including the College’s nationally recognized faculty who bring their creative work to the program in support of its stated goals.

Industry veteran Paul Cohen serves as the Executive Director of the program, which is located at the Torchlight Center in the studio facilities at Critchfield Hall.  The facility includes production offices, conference rooms, post facilities, and a sound stage.

Creating a Culture of Cinema Appreciation

Gilmore, Patterson and Cohen discuss industry trends

Geoffrey Gilmore, a College of Motion Picture Arts distinguished lecturer and leading authority on independent cinema and director of the Sundance Film Festival for 19 years, screened 500 Days of Summer at FSU's arts festival Seven Days of Opening Nights.  He also held a lecture and discussion centered on the current state of the movie business, and the difficulties and opportunities it presents. Screenings like this are part of the mission of the Torchlight Program.

Torchlight Film Series  Cinema 30A

The Torchlight Film Series – Cinema 30A screens contemporary feature films in the 30A area, and brings in filmmakers and cinema experts to talk about film. Borrowing from the tradition of early film festivals, The Torchlight Film Series keeps the title of each film a secret until moments before it is screened, allowing audiences to directly experience new entries into the dialogue of contemporary independent cinema.

The Torchlight Program Filmography