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Frank Patterson

Professor Frank Patterson serves as the Dean of the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts.

Reb Braddock

Reb Braddock is a writer and director of feature motion pictures who serves as the Associate Dean for the College of Motion Picture Arts.

Dr. Andrew Syder

Dr. Andrew Syder is the Assistant Dean for the College of Motion Picture Arts.

Linda Hensley

As the Chief of Staff, Linda handles the day-to-day administrative matters of the College on behalf of the Dean's Office and acts as the primary trouble-shooter for faculty, staff and students.

Meryl Warren

As Director of Alumni, Meryl Warren works with the Deans in the administration of the College of Motion Picture Arts.  She coordinates alumni affairs and organizes annual screenings of thesis productions in Los Angeles and New York.

Raymond Fielding

Dean Emeritus Raymond Fielding served as the founding permanent dean for 13 years before stepping down in the summer of 2003. Dean Fielding has spent the last 45 years as a professor and/or administrator.