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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ



I have visited the Motion Picture website and learned about the curriculum and the application process. What else can I do to learn more about the College of Motion Picture Arts?

We suggest that you visit us for an information session and tour.

Would you provide me with a phone number and/or e-mail address so that I may talk with someone in the College of Motion Picture Arts?

Phone for the Motion Picture Main Office: 888.644.7728 (toll free)
E-mail for Graduate Program Information:
E-mail for Undergraduate Program Information:

Do you have a job placement program; how much help will I get in locating a job after graduation?

Many of our students find that doing an internship following completion of our program is an excellent way to locate a position.  We have a program that assigns successful alumni mentors to many of our graduating students.  The weekly Warren Report, an in-house newsletter, frequently lists announcements of entry-level positions.  The Warren Report is available via the Motion Picture online social network.  Since the motion picture industry is extremely fast-paced, it is often difficult to locate either an internship or a job until you are actually in the city where you want to work.  The majority of our graduates are working in the motion picture industry within a few months after graduation.

Can I do an internship as part of the Motion Picture curriculum?

Both the BFA and MFA programs have a rigorous lock-step curriculum following a pre-set series of required classes which does not provide an opportunity for motion picture students to intern during the program’s course of study; however, many students enroll for an additional semester and complete an internship prior to graduating from Florida State University.

Can I visit the program and sit in on classes?

Generally speaking, auditing classes is prohibited.  We do however offer an information session and tour for prospective applicants.

If I send you a copy of my resume, can you tell me what my chances are of being accepted to the College of Motion Picture Arts?

No, that is not possible due to the heavy production and academic work load at the College.  More importantly, the application process is not solely based on the contents of a resume. Our Admissions Committee looks at the total applicant: grades, test scores, experience, creative background, evidence of ability to collaborate, drive and passion for filmmaking.  They carefully review applications based on all of the materials provided.  If you are eligible for admission to Florida State University and are interested in the College of Motion Picture Arts, we urge you to submit an application.

Do you have quotas governing how many males and females you invite into the program?

Though we are concerned with admitting a diversified class based on gender, race, and nationality, we do not have gender quotas.  The final selection process is comparative in nature. It attempts to select from the competing candidates those individuals the Admissions Committee believes show the greatest promise for a lifetime career in the motion picture industry.

Since FSU is a part of the State University System, do you have to accept a certain percentage of Florida students into your program?

The State of Florida does not impose a quota system on its universities.

Do I need a car while attending the College of Motion Picture Arts?

Though it is not required, students must either have a car or have immediate access to transportation. Many motion pictures are shot at off-campus locations, and the public transportation system in Tallahassee is limited.

How far is the Tallahassee airport from campus?

The university is about 15 minutes driving time from the airport.

Are there scholarships available through the College of Motion Picture Arts?

A limited number of assistantships are available at the graduate program level.  Presently, the College of Motion Picture Arts is not able to offer scholarships to our students from within the school itself.  We encourage all of our students, both graduate and undergraduate, to investigate and apply for financial aid through The Office of Financial Aid at the university.

If I want to work in episodic television production, is this a program I should consider?

Motion Picture programs focus on the production of theatrical narrative motion picture.  Though there are many similarities between episodic television production and narrative motion picture production, there are several important differences.  While the programs will develop and emphasize skills that can be utilized across many disciplines, the programs do not discuss the practical applications of those skills in the context of broadcast television.

Will projects be shot in film or digital capture?

The College of Motion Picture Arts has moved all students into the art of digital capture.  The preparation and implementation of the digital project, including the equipment, is designed to mirror that of professional motion picture production.  MFA students have a choice as to whether to shoot their thesis projects in film or digital capture.

Do I pay for my own production expenses?

We pay all production costs.  The College of Motion Picture Arts was created by the Florida Legislature with the intent to provide an equal educational opportunity for all of its enrolled students regardless of personal financial means.  Students are not permitted to use their own funds for production with the exception of incidental expenditures.

Can I learn to make music videos in this program?

Motion Picture programs focus is on the production of theatrical narrative motion picture.  While the programs will develop and emphasize skills that can be utilized across many disciplines, the programs do not address the practical applications of these skills in the specific context of music video production.

What is the cost of tuition at FSU?

As a state funded school, FSU tends to increase tuition a bit each year. Check out the information at these links for current estimated fees.
   (undergraduate) (graduate)

Is it possible to transfer into the Motion Picture program at FSU after attending college somewhere else for 2 years and earning my A.A. degree?

It is possible to earn an AA from another college and then transfer to FSU.  Please keep in mind that we invite approximately 10 transfer students into our program each Fall. Each invited transfer student attends the program for seven semesters.  Click here for a sample schedule.

Will my A.S. degree make me qualified to transfer into FSU and the College of Motion Picture Arts?

Transfers need to have completed at least 27 hours of liberal studies credits in order to be qualified to enter the film program.  Typically an A.S. degree will not include enough liberal studies hours and thus make you unqualified as a transfer.  Please contact us if you have any questions about what classes to pursue.  NOTE: an A.S. in Film Studies, while touching on film, does not typically help transfer students as there are typically not enough liberal studies credits in the degree and film courses do not transfer into the program.

What are the institutional codes for Florida State University?

0734 (ACT) and 5219 (SAT)

Can you give me information about housing?

Most undergraduates live in dorms on campus, at least during the first year.  Information about dorm availability can be obtained from the Housing Office.  Graduate students frequently live in off-campus university-offered graduate housing such as Alumni Village or they choose to live off campus in private apartments. 

Can I work part-time while enrolled in the College of Motion Picture Arts?
Our program is a very intensive, collaborative, hands-on filmmaking experience, during which you work not only on your own motion pictures but on your classmates' as well. Thirteen-hour days tend to be the standard and weekends are solely for filmmaking.  Holding a job just doesn’t work.

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Graduate FAQ

How do I apply for a Graduate Assistantship?

If you would like to apply for a graduate assistantship with the College of Motion Picture Arts, please upload a one-page document within the Graduate Application describing your specific background and experience, such as teaching and administrative positions you have held.  You may also include pertinent information concerning your financial circumstances.

The University offers University Fellowships and several Minority Assistantships that are open to all graduate students? How can I apply?

Information on university fellowships, scholarships and assistantships is available on the Florida State University Graduate School website. 

What is the Academic Common Market?

The Academic Common Market is an interstate agreement among southern states for sharing academic programs.  Participating states enable their residents who qualify for admission to enroll in other states' universities and colleges on an in-state tuition basis. If you are a resident of AL, AR, DE, GA, KY, LA, MD, MS, OK, SC, TN, VA, WV and are accepted to an MFA program at the College of Motion Picture Arts, we will provide you the name of the contact person in your state so you can begin to apply for in-state tuition.

If I have been enrolled at FSU for one year as an out-of-state student, can I then claim residency for tuition purposes?

Possibly.  Students who have been awarded a graduate assistantship for their first year are eligible to apply for residency for the second year.  Students who were not awarded an assistantship may be eligible under certain circumstances.  Please visit the FSU Office of Admissions website for information on residency requirements.

When are the tours and information sessions for the MFA Program?

College information sessions and tours are conducted at 10:30am every other Friday.  Please contact the College of Motion Picture Arts at (888) 644-7728 for more information.

Do I have to take the GRE? When do I have to submit the scores?

The GRE is not required of MFA Production applicants, but is required of MFA Writing applicants.  There may be scholarships that require GRE scores, so the exam is still suggested.  We cannot accept other scores (LSAT, GMAT, TOEFL) in lieu of the GRE.  Your GRE scores are considered part of your application, and must be received no later than late January to be reviewed with the rest of your materials.

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